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DRAQ7™ is a new far-red fluorescent DNA dye that ONLY stains the nuclei in DEAD and permeabilized cells.

DRAQ7 has many applications in imaging, cytometry and screening and is highly compatible with existing protocols across a wide range of instrumentation platforms.
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250μl DRAQ7™ (0.3mM)
50 Flow Cytometry Assays (0.5ml)
250 Cell Health Assays (96-MTP)

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1ml DRAQ7™ (0.3mM)
200 Flow Cytometry Assays (0.5ml)
1000 Cell Health Assays (96-MTP)

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5x 1ml DRAQ7™ (1mM)
5x 3300 Cell Health Assays (96-MTP)

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